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Leviathans Fan Prediction Challenge

3,000 Smite Gems + In Game Items

09-23-2022 03:00 PM



Register and Login before making your Picks.
There is no cost to participate.

How to participate: Login. Answer the Q&A. Enter your answer to the Tiebreaker question.
DISCLAIMER: Team rosters will be decided through a draft before the event begins. Please make your predictions based on Team Captain Names.
Points: Points are indicated under each question.
1st Place - 3,000 Gems
2nd Place - Pool Noodle Kuku skin
3rd Place - SPL Jump Stamp

In the case of a tie, whoever is closest to the correct Tiebreaker number will be the winner.


If a team or player changes, then the team that replaces those players will take the place on the event. The picks will remain the same as they were chosen when the original team existed on the event. Prize pool will be distributed via Hi-Rez Studios. Participants are responsible to follow all local laws relating to the Pick'em challenge. No entry fees required. Winner participants must be able to receive prizing via Hi-Rez Studios. Russian residents are not currently eligible to receive prizing. By Participating, you agree to UltPicks Terms of Service and Privacy Policy as also agreed upon when making a required UltPicks account. UltPicks has the right to disqualify any participant or adjust points of any participant. Tournament participants are not permitted to make picks.

Your Picks
1. Which team will be eliminated first in the Role Stars Challenge?
2. Which team will win the Role Stars Challenge?
3. Who will get first pick in the Leviathan All-Stars Draft Show?
4. Will anyone land on Poseidon in the Wheel of Gods?
5. Will the Pros vs Casters match be longer than ten minutes?
6. Which team will win the Leviathan All-Stars Bracket?

Tie Breaker

What will be the highest kill count of one player in a single game?

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